You Should Use Animated Video

As substance makers and computerized locals, we’re encompassed and regularly besieged by the most recent patterns, tips, traps, tricks and dupes (affirm, possibly not those last two). One of the greatest patterns in the advanced space is the utilization of video. In the past we’ve blogged about imperative video showcasing insights, utilize cases for deals groups and even shared cases of preparing recordings. In any case, we’re not going to re-hash those here. Rather, we’ll concentrate totally on why you should utilize energized video.

  1. Animated videos are more visual
    The first and foremost reason for using animated video is that it’s rich media. Videos, in general, are composed of pictures that make up rich media moments. This visual medium appeals to the senses and offers an easy and effective way to communicate important messages.
  2. Animated videos are psychologically appealing

    One of our earliest (and possibly fondest) memories, as kids growing up, is watching cartoons. Cartoons are so captivating because they’re fun, engaging, and most of all colorful. There’s something about moving images that appeals to the human brain, and this naturally extends to animated video. As Nicola Davies asserts in this post, “If you want people to emotionally connect with your content, animated video is an investment worth making.”

  3. Animated videos cut through the digital “noise”

    Content shock is real and a major challenge facing all organizations. But with the ever increasing presence of “noise” in the digital space, content creators need to find a way to differentiate their content from everything else out there. Animated video offers a great medium to do exactly that. For example, there’s a lot of “noise” surrounding content marketing, and a visual way to stand out from the crowd would be to create a whiteboard video.

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  4. Animated videos are cost-effective
    Live-action video expenses usually include finding suitable actors, a location to shoot your video, equipment, and video production costs. Animated video, on the other hand, just needs a monthly subscription. Cloud-based solutions (like GoAnimate) make it easy to create videos online with simple drag-and-drop tools. Just sign up for a subscription and you’re ready to create professional animated videos.
  5. Animated videos scale with your business

    A related challenge with video production is the need to create more content. As your business grows, so does the need for more engaging content. Initially you may need an explainer video about your product or service. Soon you begin to create gated assets that need supporting videos. Or, even more challenging, you need to create a tutorial series for your customers or a training video that helps your team adopt a new process.Creating content is a challenge, and video adds to the complexity. But with animated video, churning out multiple videos is a very simple task. Just think in visuals, write the script, storyboard, and before you know it, you’re on your way to producing another video.

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