Tools to Create Animated Videos for Business

  1. PowToon

    PowToon is an easy-to-use animated video tool that enables businesses to make professional videos in just minutes. Users can make striking videos using PowToon’s simple drag-and-drop system. PowToon’s colourful and eye-catching animated designs can be customized and tailored to a business’s individual needs. Powtoon offers a three-tier pricing structure, one of which is free.

  2. Animaker

    Animaker is a do-it-yourself tool for creating video infographics that is based in the cloud. It enables users to show data and statistics in a compelling way, crafting a memorable animated story. With drag and drop functions, pre-animated assets, sound effects, music and in-built data assets, businesses can create videos quickly and creatively. Animaker videos can be no more than two minutes in length. Businesses can try Animaker for free and then have the choice of three monthly payment options.

  3. Animatron

    Animatron allows businesses to master the art of animation, quickly and professionally.  The company offers two platforms – Animatron Studio, for creating effective explainer videos, html5 animations and banners, and Animatron Wave, for social video creation designed for sharing across multiple platforms. Talking to Small Business Trends, Animatron’s CEO, Kate Skavish, described Animatron as an: “Easy-to-use and powerful online animated video maker which enables our users to create stunning animations and videos right in the browser.”

  4. Moovly

    Moovly provides a tool to help businesses produce creative animated videos designed to engage employees and win clients. Moovly users can enjoy unlimited downloads and unlimited videos. The easy-to-use customizable video software allows businesses to create video presentations, visual reports, explainer and help videos, and internal communication, easily and creatively. Moovly’s pricing structure ranges from a basic subscription of $5 a month to a Moovly Business subscription that costs $300 a year.

  5. GoAnimate

    GoAnimate is an effective tool for helping businesses make professional animated videos. Without any set up required, businesses can start making a video straight away. This do-it-yourself tool requires no large team or budget, meaning businesses can create compelling video content on a low budget. Subscriptions to GoAnimate include unlimited creation, hosting and download. Businesses of virtually any secotr can engage their audiences by choosing from GoAnimate’s editable scenes that represent hundreds of industries and occupations. GoAnimate offers a three-tiered pricing structure, ranging from $39 a month or $159 a month for the GoTeam option.

  6. Renderforest

    Renderforest is an animated video maker that creates slideshows, logo animations and explainer business videos. The platform is completely free to use and users can produce and export an unlimited amount of high quality videos designed to promote a business and its products in a professional and engaging way. Renderforest provides hundreds of templates that can be customized, enabling companies to create presentations, promotional videos, event invitations, testimonials and more, quickly and efficiently without having to spend any money.

  7. Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker is a well-established video editing platform, which provides businesses with the essential tools for making videos. With an easy-to-use interface, Windows Movie Maker helps users edit videos, add text and post on a social media channel or onto a website. Businesses can also add background music, effects, timeline narrations and perform transitions with the Windows Movie Maker. The applicationis free to download.

  8. Prezi

    Prezi provides presentation software, which utilizes zoom, motion and spatial relationships to help individuals make inspiring presentations. In 2012, Prezi unveiled a host of creative presentation effects, including 3D and fading animations tools, designed to help professionals make even more stimulating and exciting presentations, through increased visual appeal. In 2017, they released a new version called Prezi Next. Prezi has a three-structured pricing plan, including Standard, Plus and Premium.

  9. Google Web Designer

    Google Web Designer is a free tool that produces engaging and interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics to run on any device. In 2014 Google announced an update to its Google Web Designer HTML5 tool, which enabled greater options to create animated and interactive content. No coding is necessary when using Google Web Designer.

  10. Explee

    The Explee application allows users to make powerful animated videos designed to captivate audiences in a concise and engaging way. This cloud-based app can be utilized from laptops, smartphones and tablets, meaning video creators will have access to the latest version of their videos whilst on the go. Businesses can create animated presentations with their team, invite members to join the workspace and custom their video library, whilst sharing their content with collaborators. Explee’s Business Plan starts from $25 per month.

Do you have experience using video animation tools that have provided an effective medium for your business? We’d love to hear our readers’ experiences and stories about video animation creation.

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