Tips to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos

Want to create a video that educates and engages your audience at the same time? Whiteboard videos are the best choice. They are simple, engaging and to the point. Whiteboard videos might not be as cool as this dog with the shades but they are definitely cool!

  1. Invoke the other boards
    It’s a great opportunity to challenge the norm. Schools and universities have presented us to a few sorts of sheets, for example, the writing board and the greenboard. Wouldn’t it be cool to bring every one of these sheets into our recordings? All things considered, we suspected as much as well.eboard movement recordings are astounding for a few reasons however its white shading isn’t one of them. 10 years back the main whiteboard recordings were made on a “white” board and that simply stuck.
  2. Go mobile
    Users hold their phones vertically 94% of the time. As content creators, it is now our duty to make videos optimized for the vertical mobile screen. There has been a tremendous spike in vertical videos online from a mere 5% to a whopping 30% in just 5 years. In this era, won’t it be great if you can make your whiteboard video vertical? We thought so too. Check out the world’s first vertical whiteboard video maker.
  3. Continuous narrative

    The video uses persistent story to pass on muddled ideas in a basic and drawing in way. Had the maker taken the typical course of deleting the board toward the finish of each scene, it would have prompt a broken story.

    In the period of online networking, even a small scale second slack in your portrayal can influence your watchers to swipe up to an additionally captivating substance on their web-based social networking divider. In this way, pick a constant portrayal to hold your watcher’s consideration!

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  4. Animate your whiteboard characters

    Whiteboard animation videos are far more engaging than other forms of 2d animation because we get to see the characters come to life on screen. As you can see in the video, the characters come to life once they are created by the hand. This makes the video much more interesting to the viewer. Since a lot of whiteboard animation videos still stick to the static image style, adding animation to your videos can really help your videos stand out!

  5. Beware of the hybrid video syndrome

    A lot of “smart” video creators attempt to save energy and time by cross-creating 2D animation video scriptsas whiteboard videos. This endeavor is not a time saver but a time killer. Whiteboard videos are absolutely different from any other form of animated videos. In a whiteboard video, the characters are not animated the same as a 2D animation video. So the script has to have enough meat to keep the audience engaged.

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