Things You Need to Know Before Creating an Animated Explainer Video

id you realize that clients who watch an explainer video are 85% more prone to buy your item than the individuals who don’t? Vivified explainer recordings are basic chomps of item data that enable a purchaser to settle on educated choices without scrolling through interminable component sheets. So how would you begin making such a powerful promoting device? We’ve assembled 5 things to consider before plunging into the formation of an energized explainer video.

  1. Understand Your Target

    Your target market is the root of … well, everything. So before you even order the donuts for your video brainstorming session, get a good handle on these two aspects of your target.
  2. Keep it Simple

    The most successful animated explainer videos are simple. They have a defined goal and a clear message. When consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising and information, why make it more complicated for them to learn how amazing your product is? Start by considering what you want your users to take away from the video. Imagine that after every single viewer of your video will be asked to describe what the video was about in 1 sentence or less. Write out that sentence; this is your starting point.

  3. Pick the Right Video Agency

    Not all marketing departments are lucky enough to have an in-house creative video team. If you find yourself in this category, you’ll probably outsource the production of your animated explainer video.

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  4. Optimize Video Time

    The jury is still out on the optimal length for an explainer video. However, experts recommend keeping it in the 60 to 120 second range. This might seem like a small amount of time to explain your entire reason for being, but before you start practicing the tongue twisters to increase your average words per minute consider this: the purpose of any successful video is to be a teaser. Sure, viewers should understand what you do after watching, but you’re ultimately offering them a hook to encourage future action.

  5. Create an Effective Script

    Whether you’re building your own script or working with an agency, there are some critical components to all effective scripts. Firstly, realize that you don’t have a large word count to work with. The recommended speaking speed for videos is 150 words per minute.

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