Things to Consider when Creating a Video Animation for your Business

Creating a video animation for your business can be a bigger decision than you might first think. Brand videos are an ambitious venture because they condense everything that you want to say about your business into a short, visual format. It’s like putting your elevator pitch out there for everyone to see, so it has to be perfect. In this blog, we’re going to talk you through the five most important things to consider when creating a video animation for your business.

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Things to consider:

1. How will this video be used?

Possibilities include featuring the video on the homepage of your website, as a viral-aimed video promoted on your social channels, in a trade show, during key presentations, or in email blasts. The format of your video should fit with the context of the venue in which you are showcasing it.

If your video is being shown during a trade show, for instance, it should probably be less audio-heavy, as there will be distracting din from the floor. Viral-aimed vids should have some feature (humor or perhaps a cause) that prompts sharing. Homepage videos should direct users to a specific action on your website (further described below).

2. What is the objective of this video? Where do you want to steer your viewers?

Common objectives are to educate, drive traffic, drive conversions, snag user emails and other info, or some combination of these.

Once viewers have experienced your video, you need to drive them to take action. This could mean asking them to click an icon at the end of the video to fill out a contact form (great for measuring video’s impact), contacting you in another way, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a whitepaper or free demo. There are lots of ways to go in this neighborhood.

3. How long would you like the video to be?

If you’re going past two minutes, you’re falling into the attention span danger zone. You might need to prioritize which selling points you want to feature. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to explain everything about your offering in your animated video, just enough to get viewers hungry for more.

4. What is the problem your product addresses?

Hopefully, this one’s a no-brainer, but still important. You need to show your customer that you understand their pain point before they trust you to solve that problem for them.

5. What are the friction points or customer concerns when making a sale?

When you pitch your company, do you get a frequent objection or concern? It needs to be be addressed in the video.

6. What is your brand personality?

This one’s important. If you’re a military defense contractor, for example, you probably don’t want a cuddly bear blowing bubbles in a rainforest touting your strategic missile defense systems.

7. Do you have a visual style? A logo?

Your video should be an integral part of your website and your brand. Some of our clients have used our animated videos to help discover their visual style, and sometimes they have even incorporated the characters and concepts we create into their overall style. Nothing makes us happier!

8. What are the demographics of your audience? If it’s a B2B, who is the decision maker?

If you’re B2C, how would you describe most of your consumers? If you’re B2B, is the decision maker you’re targeting a C-level executive, a VP of Operations, or some other position? What is his/her likely background? As always, audience determines style and content.

9. At what stage of the sales funnel is most of your audience?

What is their mindset as they are approaching your site? Do they know they have the problem? Do they know what the solution is? Are they just looking for the right provider?

10. Are you ready?

Let’s face it, young companies often make pivots on their business model early on. Are you sure you want to make a big investment on describing the first iteration of your idea? On the one hand, it’s important to put your bestmarketing foot forward.

If your branding and animation goals are still not completely narrowed down after reviewing the above list, don’t worry! In our experience, the scripting process often helps companies successfully develop and enhance their overall branding.

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