Simple Trick Make a Animated Movie

A mental obstacle

Thinking of story thoughts is constantly hard. However, there are approaches to make the procedure considerably simpler and get over this present “a mental obstacle” many individuals encounter.

The Problem is that when confronting a void white page individuals regularly go crazy and go clear. That is on account of the prospect that you can do anything is unnerving and will frequently push you into inaction. This is the reason when I have to think of thoughts I get a kick out of the chance to utilize the Restriction Method.

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The limitation technique

The Restriction Method is precisely what it sounds like. Individuals require limitations. They adore them. The Restriction Method basically is: “Draw a tree utilizing just triangles” will energize more activity and imagination than “Draw a tree.” When you limit yourself in the inventive procedure you can discover things you could never have discovered something else.

How did I use this to find an idea for my movie?

Since I will be doing this animated movie all by myself I knew I had to have restrictions. So I decided to write them down.

  • The movie will have only two main characters.
  • It will take place in 1 location
  • It needs to be humorous.
  • It will be under a minute.

I already have a stronger starting point then most people just by setting up those rules for myself, but I took it a step further. Since I am not so good with 3D modeling, I decided to restrict myself even more.

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The story is working

I have a cube and a ball walking down a long road, and while the cube is struggling to move forward, the ball is rolling around freely and mocking the cube. When they reach a hill, the cube climbs easily (since it has flat sides) but the ball cannot get enough momentum to follow.

Will the cube help the ball after its display of arrogance and selfishness? That’s for me to decide, but look at that: I have a story. I would never have thought about that had I not restricted myself in the process.

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