Benefits of Using Animated Videos For Your Business

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to draw in new clients, instruct the old ones, or simply clarify how your items and administrations function, an explainer video is a great decision for your video computerized showcasing needs. These are speedy, straight-to-the-point preparations that are exceptionally powerful in changing over prospects to clients, and help to mark your organization. In case you’re pondering adding a vivified video to your munititions stockpile of advertising apparatuses, here are five great motivations to begin now.

  1. Differentiates Your Business from the Competition

    If your business cannot define a unique selling proposition to set itself apart, then you’re not likely to hang around too long. For relatively two equal products or services, the business that can grab consumer attention and explain their product or service better is often the one that prevails in the marketplace. Explainer videos allow you to grab your audience’s attention through moving images, animation, text, voiceover and music. With an animated video, you can safely leave that PowerPoint presentation behind.

  2. Focuses on the Benefits

    Consumers make purchases based on the benefits of a product instead of the features. They choose the product or service that does something they perceive to be better than the alternative. A consumer buys a clear, high-resolution picture compatible with digital signals rather than just an HD television set. Fundamentally, the features of the TV set are what make the benefits possible, but it is the major benefits that really make the sale. Explainer videos allow you to quickly highlight the benefits of your product and give your audience what they are looking for.

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  3. llustrates Concepts

    In many scenarios, your product or solution might not be tangible. There are many companies that don’t produce “widgets.” In these situations, explainer videos are useful to illustrate an idea and present concepts. In particular, we’ve seen a high percentage of technology companies lean on explainer videos to quickly describe how their solutions work.

  4. Improve Conversion Rates

    Studies have shown that video presentations convert at a much higher rate than other forms of marketing. One main reason for this is because explainer videos are easy to digest (quick and to the point), entertaining and very targeted. Keeping your target customer in mind, you have the ability to create a video that is custom to their particular needs and desires. This includes everything from the way that they talk, to the issues that drive them to watch your video in the first place. Your conversion rates can skyrocket with a highly targeted video.

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